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Kargo Empire: Quality and Sustainability

At Kargo Empire, we craft our 100% organic dog treats with meticulous care, ensuring top quality and meeting stringent organic standards. Our eco-friendly commitment is evident with FSC-certified packaging, planting a tree for every one used, and ecoPrint-certified packaging using organic inks and rigorous chemical filtration. Our products are not just good for your pets, but also for the planet.

Why Take Kargo Empire

At Kargo Empire, we take pride in offering a range of 100% organic and vegan dog treats, now including our highly beneficial probiotic supplements. Our products are designed to bring multiple benefits to your furry companions, ensuring they lead healthy, happy lives. Here are a few reasons why Kargo Empire is the best choice for your dog's health:

Health and Wellness

Our probiotic supplements for dogs improve digestive health and alleviate seasonal allergies. Each serving contains 4 billion CFUs and six probiotic strains, promoting a balanced gut microbiome and better nutrient absorption. This leads to fewer digestive issues and a healthier, happier pet.

Allergy Relief

Seasonal allergies can be a significant discomfort for dogs. Our probiotic supplements are designed to alleviate these symptoms, providing relief and improving your dog's overall well-being.

Delicious and Nutritious

Kargo Empire Supplements are not only healthy but also delicious. With flavors like bacon, even the pickiest eaters will enjoy their supplements and treats, making it easier for you to ensure they get the nutrition they need.

Supporting the Asista Foundation

Part of the proceeds from each jar of our probiotic supplements supports the Asista Foundation, which rescues dogs and trains them as service dogs for individuals with mental health conditions like PTSD and autism​

Supporting Pet Owners

By choosing Kargo Empire, you're not only prioritizing your dog's health but also enhancing your own experience as a pet owner. Healthy dogs are happier and more energetic, which means more joyful moments and a stronger bond between you and your pet.

Make the switch to Kargo Empire today and experience the difference that high-quality, natural, and scientifically formulated supplements and treats can make for your beloved pets.


Our products are currently available on our website and in 4 different locations of Global Pets Food in Québec; Westmount, Plateau Mont-Royal, Château-Guay, Vaudreuil Dorion.

Depending on your dog's allergies he should be able to consume Kargo Empire treats, do to the small quantity of ingredients.

There is approximately 200 treats in each boxes for all flavours.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

"I'm so impressed with the quality of these treats. My dog, Bella, has allergies, and these vegan treats have been a game-changer for her. She's healthier and happier than ever!"

David S.